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Wierd times, Dragonball, MOVIE RECOMENDATIONS

Posted by LilDwarf - June 30th, 2008

Since the start of the year, it has been the most revealing, interesting and strangest points that I have lived so far. So many things to say that I don't even knoe where to start...so I won't. Who knows what the next 6 months hold for me, or even beyond that....

To make this pointless post be worth seeing, here's a poster from the upcoming 2009 movie Dragonball. I have high expectations for this movie, even though most people think it's gonna be crap. I have faith that the producers and whatever will make all the necessary things about the anime in the movie. I'm looking forward to it haha but people should really be more open-minded about these kinds of adaptations.

In other news, I REALLY recommend the following movies. I saw them recently and they are among the most original, inmersive, and best written movies I've seen in a while.

- Being John Malkovich: I saw this one a few years ago, but I didn't understood it as well as when I saw it again yesterday. Sicne the first time I saw it, it's been one of my favorite movies. Written by Charlie Kaufman and Directed by Spike Jonze, it's one of the most original films I've seen, which some very intense metaphors and deep meaning that really leaves you saying that it's a great movie at the end. It stars John Cusack, Catherine Keener, Cameron Diaz, and John Malkovich as John Malkovich. For those who saw it, the scene where malkovich enters his own portal is simply genious. Definately the most incredible part of the film.

Adaptation.: Another movie written by Charlie Kaufman and Directed by Spike Jonze. This is another very interesting movie by the genious Charlie Kaufman. Starring Nicolas Cage, Chris Cooper, and Meryl Streep. In it, he writes about how he struggles to adapt "The Orchid Thief" while including some fictional things as well. What's great about this movie, is how Charlie makes fun of his voice-overs in particular, since he uses it in most of his scripts at one point or another. This is a very original film and attracts you by strong narrative, and characters. Nicolas Cage is incredible playing Charlie and Donald Kaufman. He really seems into the role. I can see why he got nominated for an Academy Award. In the other hand, Cooper was amazing. He won an Academy Award for his performance and I can see why. His character is nothing like his other characters in past movies.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: I saw this movie when it came out, but I thought I'd throw it in, as well. Written by the genious Charlie Kaufman and directed by Michel Gondry, this is the most emotional film I've seen. It stars Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet. Jim Carrey convinced me that he's a great drama actor in this film, as I can see noone else who could have played Joel the way he did. Kat is simply beutifull in this one. It tells the story of Joel (Carrey) who, after realizing that his girlfriend, Clementine (Winslet) erased him off her mind, he decides to undergo the procedure as well. Most of the film take place IN Joel's mind, and it is during the procedure that he realizes how much he loved Clementine in the first place. This movie is a masterpiece in every kind. Probably what I liked the most is the score. Composer Jon Brion outdid himself when he put such an emotional, fitting, and simple music in it. So, if you're gonna watch it, pay attention on how the music fits incredibly well into the situation, especially at the end. This is my favorite movie of all time, so I recommend it for everyone. If you can watch it with a special person, it can be a much better experience!

That was longer then expected...I think I got carried away :P Anyways here's the DB poster :O

Wierd times, Dragonball, MOVIE RECOMENDATIONS

Comments (21)

god i hope that movie flops hard

I cant wait to laugh at that movies trailer.

Why doesn't Roshi have his beard or sunglasses? Wow.

The poster looks garbage. Neanderthal white man, Asian chicks and Power Rangers production value. Its like they don't care.

Rohi his Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


wow...DBZ is gonna suck ass unless this poster is fake..... noone looks like anyone from the show and i see like 2 new characters unless theyre bulma or chi-chi. why couldn't they have just animated this the way Pokemon 2000 was? Pokemon 2000 was KIND of a good movie.....



I Could only hope :(

Um... I'm going to make a big skip on this movie. Just no man.

Dragonball looks 100% gay!!!


Yes. I've seen this before and I'm amazed that it is real. I thought it was going to be bad but they really went overboard with their "re-imagining." It does look very low budget. If this is Dragonball Goku should be a little boy. They couldn't even get that right. hahah.

The budget is over 100 million, actuallly

I'm digging ChiChi... (I think..)

How are they going to do this? Make this anime a movie?
Death Note was possible (but that was based of the novel)
but this.. No...

i saw a dragonball live action movie.
it wasn't very good =/

Hahaha I saw it, too! I barely remember it, but it was very low budget and wierd.

dude that would be an awsome movie

what is your email

Cant wait to see that movie!
I think they should make Chuck Norris play as Goku tho.

Wow, old-turtle-pervert in-life For The Win ;). Cool poster :)

omg i cant wait laugh at this movie its gonna flop just like speed racer lol

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