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Hey buddy, haven't heard from you in a while! It was great seeing you're back to like the old days, your style and art in this one is superb. I know the feeling of finishing something you started years ago, as it happened to me as well :) Anyways, great flash as always, and I hope to hear more from you bro! Take care

Bigfoot3290 responds:

DUDE! Thanks for stopping by! I hope everything's going well for you too!

I don't know what to say...

Haha I laughed more because of the medals and how long this was XD The jokes were terrible but I guess that's the point, right? Hahahaha "Back in Black" I loved all the art styles and how each was a stereotypical african dude XD, good job I DID watch it three times and I didn't enjoy it on either of them XD

Really fun and cute animation

I liked this one alot, the art was nice and the animation was pretty smooth. I liked your combination of Pico and Alice in Wonderland. At first, I didn't expect much but by the end, I was laughing my ass off. The trippy parts were awesome, especially how pico's eyes got after he smoked and what acme after eating shrooms.

Anyways, great animation, fun and short. Great job.

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Great and fun game! I love the music especially and the puzzles are very well thought. The controls feel good and smooth, and I like how you add new gameplay mechanics as you advance. It only took a while to load, though, but overall very good and fun game

Great game! It looks great, feels real good and is really fun to play! The idea is original, and the art is gorgeous, I really enjoyed playing this one for a while, congrats! If you would have added the NG Medals to this one, that would've been awesome. Either way, fun game!

Too epic to put in words!

I can't say how much I enjoy this game! I am too an avid retro player and I love the genre so much I made a DK Arcade flash remake last year. I've been waiting for this game for a while now, and I wasn't dissapointed! It has the difficulty of original NES games, the sounds and music are perfect, the sprites are beautiful, I can't seem to find any flaws. Congratulations on finishing this game! You got 1/4 of a million views already to show how popular this game is!

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Incredible tune. I first heard it on DookieshedVIDs channel on youtube hahahaha I bet most people heard it there first as well XD Great song. Catchy, great rythm and an awesome remix. Respect bro.

Not bad

This is great, but the only drwaback is the quality :S Apart from that, it sounds good, good job.

TheBigPicture responds:

Yeah, I'm trying to figure something better out for recording, I have to make do with what I got for now. Thanks for the review.

A good Duke song

It has a very Duke-ish feeling to it :) Simple yet it's good to hear. It would make a good menu music of some kind :D

Believe it or not, I think I'm the only person in Honduras that makes flash for newgrounds. I have a degree in Computer Science and I currently work as an iOS App Developer :) I also do flash games on my free time.

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