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New Game: Alien Shock for iOS!

2014-07-21 19:35:19 by LilDwarf

Apple just published our new game, Alien Shock!  It's a free to play physics based puzzle game but if you'd like, you can show support by buying in app purchases to remove ads and other ones.   Any feedback is more than welcomed, please try it out and leave a review!  Currently we only developed an iOS version, if the game is well recieved we will port it to Android, and I'll make a post about that if/when it happens!   Hope you all enjoy!

Official Site:

Download link:




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2014-07-22 07:32:07


I Guess I Gonna Download It, Just Can't Wait For It Release On Android.

I Hope It Not So Boring.


2014-11-14 20:29:36

Pretty cool ios game you got there Dwarf :)