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Believe it or not, I think I'm the only person in Honduras that makes flash for newgrounds. I have a degree in Computer Science and I currently work as an iOS App Developer :) I also do flash games on my free time.

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LilDwarf's News

Posted by LilDwarf - July 21st, 2014

Apple just published our new game, Alien Shock!  It's a free to play physics based puzzle game but if you'd like, you can show support by buying in app purchases to remove ads and other ones.   Any feedback is more than welcomed, please try it out and leave a review!  Currently we only developed an iOS version, if the game is well recieved we will port it to Android, and I'll make a post about that if/when it happens!   Hope you all enjoy!

Official Site: http://alienshock.com/

Download link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/alien-shock/id879572291



Posted by LilDwarf - July 10th, 2014

Hi friends, a few days ago a couple of friends and I submitted out first iOS game Alien Shock, you can see screenshots and a demo video on http://alienshock.com.  A small laser based puzzle game that will be free to play and coming next week to the App Store!  If it is well recieved, we will port it to Android too.

It's still waiting for review so I'll make a post to let anyone interested but let me know on the comments if you'd like to check it out!



Posted by LilDwarf - August 16th, 2013

Hello friends,

This will probably be my final post on Newgrounds. Today I found out about something which, frankly, really pissed me off.

I found out that both Donkey Kong Arcade remakes that I made were deleted by the NG Moderation team. This felt like a backstabbing for me as I was not expecting that my games, made over 2 years ago, were deleted so quickly and without giving me a warning or at least an opportunity to salvage them by changing the artwork (I assume they were deleted because I used the original sprites and whatnot). Why now? Both games were reviewed by mods when being submitted since they were using medals, why didn't they say anything then?

I'm really sad to see this happen as they were of great success here on NG and for all the hard work I put to create them. I understand WHY the games were removed, what I don't agree with is the way it was done. I think it was unfair for me, and very dictator-like from the staff. If you agree or not, let me know, I'd like to hear the opinion of other users on this matter.

What also pisses me off is the fact that there are other classic game remakes, which are still around, yet I am the one who gets his submissions deleted -___- I really don't understand. I was considering PM-ing the staff, but I don't know if it would help, what do you guys think?

I know I have not submitted anything for a while, and this site still holds a place in my heart, but I will not continue to submit content on a place where I cannot even defend myself, let alone be given the opportunity to make things right. So consider "Jetpac" my final submission to Newgrounds until further notice. Newgrounds has changed from the place it once was. Some might say for the better, but I feel as for the worse. It used to be much better back in 2006 imho.

You can still find the games online, Here is DK Arcade 1 and you can play DK Arcade Returns 2 here

It was a great time the past 7 years on NG, but this is the final draw. I still thank all of my fans who supported me throughout the years and enjoyed my movies or games. It was really fun, up until this final month of course.

Anyways thanks for everything guys, please leave a comment on your opinion on the situation, or what you think I can do.

I'll still remember the Daily 1st award I got on both submissions, they'll never take that from me :)

After realizing that 500+ submissions were deleted as consequence of a DMCA recieved by Newgrounds, I understand the reasons why I wasn't contacted. I probably WILL continue to submit anything I make to NG, but I'll only submit my original games / animations. Please understand that what I do, I do for fun. It just so happens that I enjoy porting old retro games to flash, I can't help it. But, like I said, anything I feel is original enough to be submitted to NG, I will most surely do so.

Posted by LilDwarf - October 25th, 2011

Hi everyone, just wanted to announce that I have just submitted my newest game DK Arcade Returns 2!!

It's much harder than the first one, and I added in different difficulties, and more, so be sure to check it out and vote 5!

The new API is awesome, it's much nicer than the old one XD (You'll see when you get a medal) Kudos
to the NG admin team for this awesome job!

DK Arcade Returns 2!

Posted by LilDwarf - October 5th, 2011

I just uploaded my newest game Jetpac: The Remake

It's the classic arcade game "Jetpac" remade with a bunch of improvements, a new minigame, and medals! Be sure to check it out and vote 5 :)

Jetpac: The Remake!

Posted by LilDwarf - August 30th, 2011

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to inform anyone who wonders, I am currently creating 2 new games! For the fans I have gained from my DK Arcade Remake, I'll be re-making another classic arcade game! It's coming out great, but there is still much to be done. My second game is an all new original game combining platform and shooter gameplay. I am working with a good friend, Ject (Jectoons or JectCrtnMkr) who is developing all the art and I am programming it! Trust me when I say he's an amazing artist and this will be a beautiful game.

I'm happy to be making games again for NG, it's always been my favorite hobby for the last 6 years. I expect to finish these both in a couple of months, maximum.

Posted by LilDwarf - May 4th, 2011

I just submitted my new game DK Arcade Returns to the portal! After a 4 year hiatus, I finally submitted something to newgrounds.

Even though this isn't an original game, keep in mind I just created it for fun, I'm not gaining anything from it and all credit goes to Nintendo. I did program it from scratch and it was quite the challenge. Go check it out, I hope I can continue to create more games for NG and not be on a long 4 or 5 year hiatus again.

Thanks to my beta testers and everyone for your support!

Donkey Kong Arcade Returns!

Posted by LilDwarf - November 19th, 2008

:) It's been a while since I made a post or said anything. I've always been lurking newgrounds, though.

Anyways, I'm here to say that I'm still alive and well :) College has been really sucking the life out of me...I miss the days I could make 3 flash movies in a month :( Since I've been so busy, I haven't had the chance to continue working on all the submissions that I started. Sadly.... The burger game I think I'll finish in December when I get out in christmas break.

Not much else to say...I'm here, submissions have ben postpones...oh yeah, also my personal life has been not so good lately either >_< But I'm hanging on.....

Here's a screenshot of part of the game. What do you think?


Posted by LilDwarf - June 30th, 2008

Since the start of the year, it has been the most revealing, interesting and strangest points that I have lived so far. So many things to say that I don't even knoe where to start...so I won't. Who knows what the next 6 months hold for me, or even beyond that....

To make this pointless post be worth seeing, here's a poster from the upcoming 2009 movie Dragonball. I have high expectations for this movie, even though most people think it's gonna be crap. I have faith that the producers and whatever will make all the necessary things about the anime in the movie. I'm looking forward to it haha but people should really be more open-minded about these kinds of adaptations.

In other news, I REALLY recommend the following movies. I saw them recently and they are among the most original, inmersive, and best written movies I've seen in a while.

- Being John Malkovich: I saw this one a few years ago, but I didn't understood it as well as when I saw it again yesterday. Sicne the first time I saw it, it's been one of my favorite movies. Written by Charlie Kaufman and Directed by Spike Jonze, it's one of the most original films I've seen, which some very intense metaphors and deep meaning that really leaves you saying that it's a great movie at the end. It stars John Cusack, Catherine Keener, Cameron Diaz, and John Malkovich as John Malkovich. For those who saw it, the scene where malkovich enters his own portal is simply genious. Definately the most incredible part of the film.

Adaptation.: Another movie written by Charlie Kaufman and Directed by Spike Jonze. This is another very interesting movie by the genious Charlie Kaufman. Starring Nicolas Cage, Chris Cooper, and Meryl Streep. In it, he writes about how he struggles to adapt "The Orchid Thief" while including some fictional things as well. What's great about this movie, is how Charlie makes fun of his voice-overs in particular, since he uses it in most of his scripts at one point or another. This is a very original film and attracts you by strong narrative, and characters. Nicolas Cage is incredible playing Charlie and Donald Kaufman. He really seems into the role. I can see why he got nominated for an Academy Award. In the other hand, Cooper was amazing. He won an Academy Award for his performance and I can see why. His character is nothing like his other characters in past movies.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: I saw this movie when it came out, but I thought I'd throw it in, as well. Written by the genious Charlie Kaufman and directed by Michel Gondry, this is the most emotional film I've seen. It stars Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet. Jim Carrey convinced me that he's a great drama actor in this film, as I can see noone else who could have played Joel the way he did. Kat is simply beutifull in this one. It tells the story of Joel (Carrey) who, after realizing that his girlfriend, Clementine (Winslet) erased him off her mind, he decides to undergo the procedure as well. Most of the film take place IN Joel's mind, and it is during the procedure that he realizes how much he loved Clementine in the first place. This movie is a masterpiece in every kind. Probably what I liked the most is the score. Composer Jon Brion outdid himself when he put such an emotional, fitting, and simple music in it. So, if you're gonna watch it, pay attention on how the music fits incredibly well into the situation, especially at the end. This is my favorite movie of all time, so I recommend it for everyone. If you can watch it with a special person, it can be a much better experience!

That was longer then expected...I think I got carried away :P Anyways here's the DB poster :O

Wierd times, Dragonball, MOVIE RECOMENDATIONS

Posted by LilDwarf - May 30th, 2008

It's right over where I live O_o

Google Earth ftw :)

A Hurrican/Tropical Storm...